Theresa Qadree has engaged herself in the world of Customer Service for over 30 years and has never looked back on diminishing that service when it comes to the people she encounters. She has worked for "Top Fortune 500 companies" as a Trainer and led the pack in accolades and awards for her extraordinary eye that hons in on the needs of her clients and customers.

Since 2003, Theresa has scaled her services in the Real Estate industry from a loan originator to a Real Estate Sales Agent, while earning a certificate in Business Management and licensed as a financial health counselor, she also carries a BA in the study of Metaphysics and is a Leadership Enthusiast with emphasis on Conscious Business Ethics. Theresa has served on the Board of Economic and Community Development for the City she resides, as well as on the Community Action Board as Vice Chair of San Joaquin County and served as the Chair of bylaws and policy and procedures for the NCBW.

From the Bay Area and beyond and from the Central Valley and above Theresa has united families to their dream homes creating win-win transactions. She is always looking to improve her skills and knowledge that will allow her to take advantage of the demands of the ever-changing market.

Thank you

Theresa Qadree

President of Central Valley Realtist Board (CVRB) of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)

The Premier Network of Black Real Estate Professionals

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